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Rapper Playboy P is on everyone’s playlist!

Playboy p is a recording artist who has steadily accumulated a large fan base and following across social media. Despite the pandemic, Playboy p streams continue to grow even during the pandemic across Instagram.With hardcore yet addictive rap lyrics, coupled with a classic sound and style, Playboy p is making a statement by constantly reminding his fans how important his passion for music means to him. In 2020, he dropped his first album “Mclaren Music” and shortly after that playboy p began dropping more singles.

Around the same time, Playboy p would drop his biggest smash hit single “Speed Racer Playboy” and then started taking his music to live shows and performances. Playboy p started doing several shows in New York City, LA and throughout the world. This year he plans on dropping more music along with planning a eruopean tour





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