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Ray Zeus holds nothing back on the power of “PvR”.

Ray Zeus – PvR

Ray Zeus holds nothing back on the power of “PvR”. A neat blend of modern literature, poetry, and rap, the whole of song has a razor-sharp focus to it. Volume is a must for he makes sure to go hard with the many different layers shifting in unexpected ways. His voice is mixed front and centre for the lyrics truly bring it all together. With elements of Big Boi’s intrepid speed and hyper-kinetic observations, there is a wildness to the entirety of the piece. Bass in particular feels perfectly sculpted making sure the low end virtually rumbles on through.

Nor does he waste a moment for immediately he dives headfirst into the mix. The way he allows the sound to have a polished, perfect vividness to it only adds to its uncanny appeal. Attention to detail extends far beyond the sheer production quality however, for his lyrics have a precise quality to them. With every verse building off the last a portrait of a life lived to the absolute fullest begins to take hold. Beats have a bass-heavy quality to them, for they punctuate the importance of his words, making sure it all comes together in a way that has a spirited ethos to them. For the final stretch he lets the hypnotic groove gain a degree of prominence as it slowly fades on out.

“PvR” features a carefully laid-out sculpture, one that shows Ray Zeus to be a masterful storyteller not only capturing character development but the movement of narrative as well.



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