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Seattle Native PeacefulPinder Uses His Music To Illuminate

Music has always been a form of self expression, and lyrics can be like a diary of the artist’s emotions and insights. Many begin writing to find clarity or create a light out of a dark place. Seattle native PeacefulPinder is using his songs to illuminate and soothe the world around him.

Things weren’t a perfect Disney picture for PeacefulPinder as a kid. His childhood was plagued by neglect and abuse, a story all too familiar in modern day America. Instead of letting these adversities turn his life into a tale of defeat, PeacefulPinder began to seek a way out. A lifelong love of poetry evolved into a skill for songwriting and producing records that could more accurately embody messages of love and positivity. His music is self described as a personal “creative therapy”, helping the artist navigate through his ups and downs with every other line. This theme is best highlighted on his latest single “Self Care” where PeacefulPinder raps on topics of love, doubt, and the wherewithal to make it out of a troubled past.

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