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Silver Cup incorporates a beautiful sound of “Slippers”.

Silver Cup – Slippers

Silver Cup incorporates a beautiful sound of “Slippers”. A certain slinky rhythm helps to keep the song together. The swirling approach has a jazz-like quality to it, even as it incorporates pieces of pop, dance, drum n’bass, etc. all in a way that is distinctly their own. By far the highlight comes from the lyricism which is a pointed exploration. Everything about the song stuns that the balance has a beauty about it, almost cinematic in nature. Quite a unique piece, they feature nods to Saint Etienne as there is that same intimacy of the way they bring it to full bloom.

From the first moment the usage of the sample sets the tone with what follows. Details here matter quite a bit for they make sure that the whole thing filters into the fray. The way that the piece builds on up the growth of the song stuns. Everything about the song has a great colour to it, for there is a fragility to it that adds to the work’s power. Such a kaleidoscopic effect feels wonderful, for their ear for melody has a delicacy to it. Beats here have a grandeur to it. Done with such care they make sure it has a woven tapestry spirit. Hushed awe feels so pretty to it, as the whole track unspools as the lyrics have a vulnerability, a great honesty.

On the soothing “Slippers” Silver Cup explores the difficulties of a relationship that does not feel right, as the gentle melody underpins the heavier message.



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