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Solly: The rapper taking over the underground music industry

When it comes to bringing something new and fresh to the HipHop scene, New Egyptian artist Solly certainly knows just how to do that. The independent artist has a sound unlike any other star out there. His distinctive vocals mixed and ethereal upbeat dancehall productions will definitely make people listen. So far, he’s only dropped two tracks such as “زيزنيا” which means Between the clouds in english.

Furthermore, he’s won over support from the likes of YourEDM and Lyrical Lemonade. Clearly, the artist and songwriter is one major player in the HipHop scene. Not only has he received major recognition from several high-profile artists, he’s also been named the Artist to Watch by Apple Music this year.

Continuing his rise to fame, has returned with his new single “زيزنيا.” which means Zezenia in english. The track shows a promising future for the artist. More importantly, he’s gearing up to change the face of R&B music forever.




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