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Super Saiyan Jay features a fiery flow on the heavy trap beats of “Keep It Direct”.

Super Saiyan Jay - Keep It Direct

Super Saiyan Jay features a fiery flow on the heavy trap beats of “Keep It Direct”. Everything here deserves to be played at the loudest possible volume. Production here means to play it until you are literally shaking. His verses here have a fierceness to them, recalling early Nas for there is that same hunger about him. Beats here have a force of nature to them. A sense of anxiety runs through the whole of the experience. Things virtually feel like they are about to collapse at any moment. It is this flirtation with outright anarchy that helps to give it a dangerous, animalistic quality.

They waste no time either immediately setting the ominous, threatening mood. Despite its short track length it really manages to draw the listener into some truly insane aural athletics. Sidestepping the current trends towards softer sounds in hip-hop, he makes sure that this is a very confrontational piece. Virtually shouting in the listener’s face there is a defiance here that feels quite classic. Everything here feels absolutely gorgeous. Production here matters for there is a power to it, a true force of nature. Lots of the experience becomes quite all-consuming. Keeping things concise the song feels quite beautiful in how it builds itself up. Rhythms here have a strength to them for the bass frequencies make sure to absolutely crush all in its path.

“Keep It Direct” definitely stays true to its promise, as Super Saiyan Jay cuts to the bone on his completely focused storytelling.



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