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Tacoma Artist Lewie Inks Record Deal With 300 Entertainment


One of the hottest hip-hop artists from Washington state Lewie just signed to MoneyMob which is a subsidiary label of 300Ent/Atl. Raised in Tacoma, Washington but having family in South Dakota, Virginia and Georgia Lewie musical influence and style is definitely diverse and unique.

It seems only fitting after listening to some of his music that he signed with an Atlanta based label and moved down there himself. The well constructed melodies and lyrical storytelling make for extremely catchy hooks and what many curators would title “street anthems”.

“y’all don’t know what this means to a ni**that built something from scratch. Finally got me a deal with MoneyMob/300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records. Never cared about being the first one. I only cared about making a way for my folks. I appreciate everybody who’s ever shared my music or videos! All the shows i did locally to build my platform From the kush house, All the nights i ain’t even eat shit i just stayed in the studio paid off I know they thought i wouldn’t make it here but shit GOD IS GOOD but this is where the work starts, we ain’t made it yet i just made it to the next level WATCH ME WORK! MKF4L GGC4L " - Lewie

Lewie’s sound and craft has been perfected by many years in the game. Originally starting music in the 5th grade and making beats and then songs with his homie “JStat”. Lewie is a humble star in the making giving credit to those who helped him along his journey and introduced him to music initially. Inspired by authentic and inspiring superstars like 2Pac and Nipsey, Lewie creates similar vibes and originality with his own music. Few have ever achieved the heights that Lewie has as an artist from Washington, and it seems he is just scratching the surface. You can listen to his music or watch his latest music video below.



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