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The Bobby Tenderloin Universe presents: “That’s All I’m Sayin”

An amazing debut single that highlights the artist’s growth and personality. August 2022 - The Bobby Tenderloin Universe has recently announced a brand new studio single named “That’s All I’m Sayin”. This release is a milestone for the project. It represents its willingness to continually set the bar higher and experiment with new ideas, while developing a unique sound that stands out.

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe’s music immediately strikes for its combination of energy, flow, and melody. “That’s All I’m Sayin” is no exception. This amazing debut single features excellent production aesthetics, with an instrumental that feels balanced and punchy. Yet, it allows a lot of wiggle room for the vocals to unfold and stand out. Storytelling can be a key component in music, and this is definitely the case for “That’s All I’m Sayin”. The song is entertaining and hooky, but also personal, and easy to relate to. Find out more about The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, and listen to “That’s All I’m Sayin”. This release is currently available on digital music streaming platforms.

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