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"This is what I'm talking about, being bold in your music!" - Jack Saunders (Radio 1)

VENUS GRRRLS present a collection of songs that digress into integral parts of human emotion and consciousness. Exploring themes such as friendship, body image, and love, the band showcase their most intimate body of work yet. Featuring singles 'Goth Girl' and 'Hate Me' (as heard on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6), a brand new single 'Sudocream Queen' dropping as a surprise on October 22nd, and finally 'Glisten', an ode to love and partnership. The band are also heading off on their debut headline UK tour in support of the EP release, beginning on the 2nd of November. Lead singer GK says: "Writing this EP has been a product of a vast range of experiences which intertwined with the pandemic. We really were able to spend time focusing on the writing, even when remote, while the live industry was on hold. The lyrics are much more confrontational, we really haven't held back on this one. Anyone that has listened to us in the past knows that we like to be as open as we can when it comes to our own experiences, in an attempt to share them with others in the hope they might provide comfort or solace."

"I think the difference with 'Potions' is the exploration of body image and insecurity in 'Sudocream Queen', as well as 'Glisten' being our first love song. It feels incredibly intimate to be sharing, but ultimately we're incredibly proud of the songs and feel that they really showcase who we want to become as people and as a band."

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