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Tre K features a true party atmosphere with “2 Cups”.

Tre K - 2 Cups

Tre K features a true party atmosphere with “2 Cups”. Volume is a given for the song virtually washes over the listener. Everything offers a communal atmosphere to it. Layer upon layer gets filtered into the sound resulting in something deliriously physical. Stylistically rooted in EDM, they bring a lot of emotion into the sound, from rock’s unruly rebellious spirit to R&B’s soulfulness. Everything here has a keen balance behind it making sure that nothing is held back. By ensuring that there is just the right amount of verve to it the track manages to have a deep, satisfying cadence to it. Melodies have a neon-hued splendor about them holding absolutely nothing back.

An atmospheric feeling introduces the work. From there the song comes into focus with such ease. Beats have a geometric quality to them for they make sure that they virtually bounce off the walls. Lots of energy pours out of the track for there is a wild animalistic fervor to them. Over the course of the track Tre K constantly lets the textures build and build. Lots of impeccable detail comes to the fray making sure that there is a bit of a loveliness about it. Never stopping, never letting up, the whole of the work swirls about in a gorgeous blur. His style at times brings to mind the pop dance flavor of Disclosure, and the club attitude of the song is a pure bliss to witness.

“2 Cups” offers a joyous, giddy ride for Tre K has an incredible flow to him.



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