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Trent in the Trees shows off an exquisite sense of style with “Looking for Love”.

Trent in the Trees - Looking for Love

Trent in the Trees shows off an exquisite sense of style with “Looking for Love”. From the low-slung hit of the beat to the gliding grace of the bass, it all works. Best of all are his reassuring vocals which tap into a late-night spirit. With this work he takes on the classic R&B pop style and reworks it, giving it a hint of nostalgia and psychedelic elements into the fray. Layer upon layer is added gleefully for his world is one that stuns. Nods to similar songsmiths such as Twin Shadow, the Weeknd, and Neon Indian all come to the forefront yet that sound remains distinctly his own.

A breezy, low-key melody starts things off and never quite leaves. No matter what other factors they take into account, the one thing that truly matters is the way that his voice has a confidence to it. Vulnerability is key and serves as the very essence of the narrative. Yearning with its desire for someone to enter into their life, there is a chilled-out vibe that works wonders around the very edges of the piece. Done with such dignity the song is best listened to as one of those afterparty songs, the come-down, calm down track. By stripping things down to the essentials there is a tasteful quality to the way he allows it all to completely unfurl until it ends with a careful fadeout.

“Looking for Love” revels in its dreamy ambient wash, with Trent in the Trees proving to be an impeccable storytelling.



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