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West Coast Artist Rakan Ayyoub displays humility despite Hollywood’s peer pressure

West Coast artist Rakan Ayyoub is inspiring the culture in Hollywood through his humility and relentlessness. Rakan Ayyoub has redefined the boundaries of Orange County musical culture. It was Rakan that first brought awareness to the hip-hop community in Orange County California. Truly it is the realism of Rakan’s story that holds real value for listeners and fans world wide. Having toured with other superstars, names such as: Nipsey Hussle, IAmsu, and more, listeners were left wondering when the release of Rakan Ayyoub’s debut album would make its way to the radio.

Growing up in Orange County California, the glitz and glamor of the music industry was just a traffic-packed freeway away from Rakan Ayyoub. It was during Rakan’s preteen years in which the young prodigy found himself. Inspired by artists such as 2Pac, Nas, & Drake; Rakan Ayyoub began experimenting with songwriting and recording. As a Christian Arab-American rapper stationed in the suburbs of Hollywood; Rakan Ayyoub struggled to find a clear way to deliver his message, a skill that he later developed through his relationship with God. Today, Rakan Ayyoub views his music as real life stories that hold divine principles. Through his life experiences, Rakan Ayyoub was fortunate enough to draw divine inspiration from God for his content. Rakan’s goal with every record he records is to create a song that listeners can relate to in a practical way. The intentions behind Rakan’s music was clear from the beginning, to push listeners through situations that otherwise seem dire. The first single off Rakan’s debut album “Legacy,” titled, “Rooted In Me,” speaks on the perseverance that was needed to manifest the world he now lives in today. It also reflects on the mindset that it takes to keep focused in and outside of the music world. With traction picking up and the first single well underway, Rakan Ayyoub has officially announced the second release from his debut album “Legacy.” In his second single titled “It’s God,” Rakan made it clear that his intentions in the industry are not to glorify himself, but instead to glorify God through each record he is blessed with. Through his humility, Rakan Ayyoub has caught the attention of his peers and fans, ultimately, providing an accessible outlet for divine inspiration.

Listen to “Rooted In Me” on Spotify below:



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