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Will Purdue goes for a serene sense of beauty on the potent power of “An Act Of Kindness”.

Will Purdue - An Act Of Kindness

A kind compassionate ode, Will Purdue’s “An Act Of Kindness” possesses such joy to it. The Americana here has a lush radiance to it for he incorporates a wide slew of sound that builds itself up with a sense of grace. Everything about it stuns from the elongated western twang of the slide guitar to the spirited rhythm that kicks up. Lyrics here capture not the zeitgeist of the moment but what this moment needs to hear – that of appreciation for all those who so often get overlooked. By devoting the sound to this noble cause, the bountiful energy builds up in a way that transforms it into a sheer force of nature, one that is a joy to behold.

From the beginning his honeyed vocals take the lead. With nods towards Fleet Foxes’ carefully sculpted sound, his too has a deeply felt presence to it one that feels soothing. The guitar work at first goes for a stripped-down, raw intimate quality. The reflective lyricism accurately depicts this part of the song. However, he also lets the sound gradually grow and evolve. Slowly but surely his patient demeanor pays serious dividends, particularly in the latter half of the track. Such volume adds to the celestial tenor of the piece as the slide guitar seemingly screams up into the heavens resulting in an acutely balanced sound, one that is so vibrant.

Will Purdue goes for a serene sense of beauty on the potent power of “An Act Of Kindness”.



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