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Wisemind embrace a truly classy style on the tremendous beat tapestry of “Saturday Morning Cartoons”

Wisemind - Saturday Morning Cartoons

Wisemind embrace a truly classy style on the tremendous beat tapestry of “Saturday Morning Cartoons”. Done with such grace it has a seemingly ancient beauty about it. Evolution from the samples and the clever percussive hits give it a lighter than air quality to it. Nods to groups like J Dilla, Madvillian, and others appear throughout. An approach that recalls an Adult Swim bump sound the chilled-out vibes invite the listener into a world of wonder. Volume is a must for the focus on the low-end side of things makes it quite plush, with the bass sculpted to perfection. Honestly while listening to it is impossible to not be charmed by the song’s impeccable taste, thoughtfulness, and timelessness.

Not a moment is wasted for Wisemind dive deep into the thick of things. A careful balance between the big band sample and the infectious hip-hop grooves emerges. The sound has a joy to it. Lots of light comes on through for there is a giddiness to the way it evolves. Quite hypnotic the song pulls the listener into a whole other universe. Lots of swirling about gives it a neon-hued spirit for the midsection of it gives it a dramatic quality of sorts, for the song radiates pure love. For the latter half of the track it all comes together, going full circle right to the very beginning adding to its cyclical sensibility.

“Saturday Morning Cartoons” revels in Wisemind’s uncanny ability to deliver a sound that soars, one that feels dreamlike in its temperament.



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