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Zip K has a tropical, futuristic quality about it for “Middle Man”.

Zip K - Middle Man

Zip K has a tropical, futuristic quality about it for “Middle Man”. EDM, hip-hop, R&B, and more enters into the mix making sure that it all has a great neon-hued spirit to it. Nor do they allow it to sprawl on, for theirs is a concise consistency to the piece. Layers are brought into the fray for theirs is a glowing presence to the piece. Kept to the essentials, there is nonetheless a sort of unique lushness to the track. Production has a polish to it for the way that every gesture is magnified feels wonderful. Best of all of course is his easy-going flow. Verses here have a power about them and the careful wordplay further renders the song a bit more personal. All of it features a sense of pure happiness soaked with a summery aspect.

They waste no time in getting the mood set. All of it works and radiates its own sort of magic. By allowing the piece to have its own style there is an urbane sophistication to the short yet stunning piece. Zip K’s spirit and soul shines on through the whole of the journey, making sure that the piece feels outright beautiful. Over the course of the track the hooks run through it all making the song strangely addictive. Nods abound throughout it all for they have a spry quality to the bit of the piece.

“Middle Man” shows off Zip K’s ability to move hip-hop and pop forward, resulting in this virtual blissful atmosphere.



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