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A delirious, demented, and psychedelic swirl of sound defines Galactapus’s chaotic “Waking The Troll

Galactapus - Waking The Troll

A delirious, demented, and psychedelic swirl of sound defines Galactapus’s chaotic “Waking The Troll”. The homage to outsider artists found on this track truly touches the heart. From the Residents to Chrome, there is a heavy deep-seeded weirdness that blooms strange flowers. Rhythms have a tribal, mystical quality about them. Everything here gets fuzzed-up all the way to heaven. Garage rock, drone, of course psychedelic, even a hint of sludge adds to the wild spirit that they capture in exquisite care. One of the nicest touchstones that I get out of the sound is the truly surreal space that France occupies – by combining the ancient and the modern together to create a world that feels all-consuming.

From the very beginning they hold nothing back. A weird dream-like state takes over. To their credit they incorporate a great deal of variety within the sound. Such fun with the textures includes random bursts of melody making their way through the thick fog of the work. Quite cleverly they make sure to pace things properly. Drums here play an essential role as do the vocals. With those two elements at least traces of humanity can be found within the truly surreal scope of the sound itself. Many textures get woven into the mix and there is an exquisite beauty there to fully appreciate.

“Waking The Troll” features one of the strangest series of riffs and melodies I have heard for a long time, proving Galactapus to be one of the most unique bands out there right now.

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