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CHASE STEPHEN is an exceptional master of when and when not to exercise restraint.


CHASE STEPHEN sculpts a serene piece of post-rock on the sky-bound “Apollo”. Beyond the essential post-rock tag, he incorporates elements of psychedelic and space rock into the fray resulting in a dreamy cloud of hazy guitar work. With nods to the gentler, subtle moments of Explosions in the Sky, he deals more in the brevity side of things. Usage of samples further heightens the mood of the piece which has a welcoming spirit that really helps to tie it all together. Not needing to say a single word, he conjures up an entire storyline, recalling some of the greatest accomplishments of the past several decades as the patterns seem to bounce off each other in a way that soothes the very soul.

The sample that introduces the piece sets the mood. Rather happy, there is a sense of discovering that occurs within these disembodiment voices. From there he puts the rest of the arrangement into place, taking his time in letting it all sink in. Pace is the trick for he never rushes things and makes it something that feels beautiful. Blooms of colour filter into the fray as there is a cosmic grace to the way things evolve. Many different layers interact but never overwhelm. He keeps the whole sound rather focused, ensuring that the beauty from its delicate textures has a serene, calming effect.

“Apollo” proves to be one of those little joys, as CHASE STEPHEN is an exceptional master of when and when not to exercise restraint.



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