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Cosmic Embers embraces a dreamy take on a psychedelic rock track.

Cosmic Embers - Falling Star

Cosmic Embers embraces a dreamy take on psychedelic rock on the easy-going journey of “Falling Star.” Vocals have a sweetness, for they gracefully rise above the rest of the sound. Tempos keep things laid back and mellowed to perfection. Beyond the clear nods to the psychedelic, the slow pacing brings to mind the loveliness of the slowcore aesthetic atmosphere matters quite a bit, for the balance he strikes is quite refreshing. Volume is a must, with the song tapping into the sheer force of nature’s fervor. This sound needs to wash over the listener, for it goes for the passionate, for the physical, in a genuine way.

The faded-out guitar riffs draw from Connan Mockasin’s surrealist imagery. Upon the drums falling into place, it passes by the listener in this delightfully laid-back fashion. Many different layers interact, and he brings some fantastic distortion. The buildup of the track gives it a nice living, breathing aspect. Capturing a little magic, the song seems suspended in the air. He seems to be shifting from angle to angle, making sure to analyze every little glimmer of the melody. Excellent instrumentation also surprises, with some of his choices reverberating the central theme with a rather clever touch. One of the genuinely unexpected moments happens towards the end, where it sounds like a melodica has entered the fray, helping to close things off on a serene, compassionate note.

“Falling Star” shows off the impeccable chops of Cosmic Embers in delivering this sweet, soulful sound that lingers with the listener long after the song has ended.



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