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Expert shredding emerges out of the barely contained chaos of Adam Wissman’s “Bombs Away”.

Adam Wissman - Bombs Away

Expert shredding emerges out of the barely contained chaos of Adam Wissman’s “Bombs Away”. His guitar-playing abilities are absolutely exceptional for he transports the listener to an entire other world. Nods to guitar greats emerge left and right on this thing, for he holds absolutely nothing back. Doubling down on the sheer level of detail the piece becomes quite dense as it progresses. The patterns found on here feel tremendous and there is nothing to hold the listener back. For their credit, the rest of the band somehow manages to keep up with the rest of this, making sure that the breakneck tempos rush on through.

The beginning of the work shows restraint. Indeed, at first there is a jazz-like cadence to the way that it evolves. Kept loose, the drumming too has a lightness of touch. Nods to surf rock pop on throughout in this early phase for the entirety of the piece grows and grows up until it practically bursts at the seams. Upon that release the guitar shoots on up into the sky taking everything else with it. All that mellowed attitude shown in the beginning is quickly abandoned in exchange for a true rip-roaring good time, the sort of thing that feels liberating. By taking on this narrative cadence it features a great deal of care to it, for the final stretch simply wraps it up in a fantastic finale.

“Bombs Away” shows off the deft skill of Adam Wissman in crafting a wild, multifaceted world one that blooms with such color.



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