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Could Drop Rocket be Changing the Game for Independent Music Releases?

All independent artist know that their new releases are crucial to their success. But they are also very well aware that releasing music is hard! There's countless things to remember and priorities to manage. Couple that with collaborating with a team, other parts of their life and career, (and usually a day job), and you have a very stressful and time consuming project.

Enter Drop Rocket, an innovative new tool for independent artists. Drop Rocket is a release system built to help artists manage their new music releases. Way beyond a checklist, it empowers indie artists through powerful project management and helps them launch successful tracks with ease.

How does it work?

Drop Rocket helps artists manage all of their releases at once in easy-to-use project management software. Artists can customize industry standard templates, plan a content strategy in the intuitive content planner, and collaborate with teammates. Drop Rocket is interactive, totally customizable, and allows you track your progress through every release. It provides a proven process to follow every time, so that every release gets better, growing an artist business and fan base.

Who is it for?

Artists at any point of their career can benefit from the structure and clarity that Drop Rocket provides. That includes new artists learning the ropes, established artists who want to streamline their release process and scale their business, as well as labels and managers balancing several releases at once. Dozens of artists are ditching the guesswork and stress of releasing and using Drop Rocket instead.

Techs and Specs

Drop Rocket is a PWA fully functional on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Drop Rocket comes with a two week free trial so you can really try it out, after which is it $4.99CAD/ €3.50/ £3/ month.

“Releasing music is a complex project that needs simple solutions. Drop Rocket is dedicated to empowering independent artists by helping them take charge of their music releases through powerful project management. We want to build a community of like minded artists who know there's never been a better time to release music independently than right now.” - Drop Rocket Founder Elina Filice

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