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Demelza explores endless opportunities on the bombastic beauty of “Little Me”.

Demelza - Little Me

Demelza explores endless opportunities on the bombastic beauty of “Little Me”. She touches upon a bit of Beach House’s mysterious shoegazing charms, for nothing about the track moves too quickly. A sense of contemplation takes hold for the way the many layers interact adds to the beguiling nature of the deep, robust sound. Over the course of the piece the way the song unfurls adds to its sense of majesty. The nearly symphonic element adds to its majesty, as her voice too features a force of nature quality, one that has a loveliness that adorns the whole of the piece.

Guitars gracefully lead the way with the very introduction of the piece. Crashes from the drums further add to the sense of geography that informs much of the work. In a way, there is a certain summery vibe that radiates throughout the entirety of the piece, one that features a mellowness that adds to its presence. Her voice swims through the rest of the mix as the clear-eyed focus lends it a spirit of reassurance, one that proves to be quite ample in scope. Within the sound the many layers intermingle and blend together, feeling nearly drone-like in terms of the way that the sound subtly yet significantly changes. A sense of letting go enters both the melody of the work as well as the lyrics for there is a kindness to them all.

“Little Me” shows off Demelza’s ability to show love for one’s surroundings, for the tender tones have a celebratory spirit that drives them forward.



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