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Single By Sunday offers an urgent mix of pop-punk and post-punk angst.

Single By Sunday – Reputation

Single By Sunday offers an urgent mix of pop-punk and post-punk angst on the nerve-racked “Reputation”. References abound throughout the sound, itself a blend of Blink 182 meets Talking Heads. The angular rhythm alongside the celebratory burst of the guitar riffs help to lend it this living, breathing quality. Vocalists intermingle adding to the communal presence of it all. Interplay amongst the band is wonderful for they virtually bounce off each other in a delirious cavalcade of emotion. Lyrics race by further ensuring that nothing will slow them down. A truly massive attack of riffs and rhythms, the piece deserves to be played as loudly as possible. This is something that crushes everything else in its path ensuring that there is a chaos that reigns supreme.

In the very beginning it seems like it is about to explode but they swallow that intensity of the sound making sure that the piece gets a second chance of purely exploding at the very seams. The song goes for catchy, wonderful riffs from the beginning. Speed is of the essence with the piece’s many layers dazzling in their tremendous amount of color. By going for this defiance, they prove to be above it all. No matter who is trying to bring them down they will fail. With this message the song has a grandeur to it. Almost coming off some long-lost early aughts soundtrack, there is this cinematic flair.

“Reputation” revels in Single By Sunday’s swagger, for the piece truly has this living affirming wildness to it.



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