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Johanna Dadap crafts a lovely folk pop atmosphere with “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke”.

Johanna Dadap - The World's Gone Up In Smoke

Rather skillfully Johanna Dadap crafts a lovely folk pop atmosphere on the soothing scope of “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke”. Despite the lyricism of the piece that focuses on the hardship that seems to be consuming the world there is a togetherness that is quite comforting. The way everybody is in this moment as a whole, navigating it to the best of their abilities, helps to lend the track that right amount of heart. Whilst it does start out with the acoustic strum of the guitar and a voice, the rest of the arrangement comes though with crystal clarity.

She has a subtle finesse in how these many elements blend together. From the very beginning though she keeps things subdued. With a patience that fully pays off she draws the listener into her worldview. Out in the very distance the rest of the sound becomes poignant, even lovely in terms of how it buttresses her verses. Rhythms have a pastoral imagery to it. Forgoing beats entirely they bring elements of classical into the fray. A nice large and cinematic feeling sweeps everything up. Her voice becomes ever more powerful and confident to the entirety of the mix. So much color pops out of the whole of the experience brings things all the way to the absolute finish line.

“The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” has a power to it, one that revels in the exquisite detail that Johanna Dadap brings into the ballad, a perfect depiction of the zeitgeist.



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