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Fluttering through like a little hummingbird, Cerys Georgina embraces a lust for life.

Cerys Georgina – Nobody’s Birthday

Fluttering through like a little hummingbird, Cerys Georgina embraces a lust for life on “Nobody’s Birthday”. She brings together folk, pop, and a hint of electronica into the mix. Her voice rests right in the center of the entire thing. Even the drumming has a lightness about it for they rush forward in a joyous blur. Colors pop over the course of the experience with the balance between the acoustic and the electronic further ensure that it has a grace about it. Rhythms here double-down on the tempo for it has an uplifting quality to it. By far the highlight comes through with her lyricism. Words here get chosen with the utmost of care with each verse feeling so beautiful.

The very open sets the tone for what follows. Going through in this sense of pure happiness the way they race forward adds to the intrepid glee of what she brings to the table. Lots of the work has this intimacy to it. She makes sure to include the listener within the fast-paced journey. Akin to having a conversation with an excited friend, there is this purposeful scope that the piece takes into consideration. With each layer it gains in depth. Her ability to let the sound build up until it becomes a virtual wall of sound is a delight, as is the way that she allows so much sunshine to come into the fray.

“Nobody’s Birthday” has a sweetness to it, showing off Cerys Georgina’s ability to create a rather captivating world.



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