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Christophe Lorient pours his heart and soul into the tender “Notre Jardin Secret”.

Christophe Lorient - Notre Jardin Secret

Christophe Lorient pours his heart and soul into the tender “Notre Jardin Secret”. Sung with such love, it fits into the French pop tradition ever so effortlessly. The arrangement emphasizes this sense of yearning that guides the work along. Instrumentation has a finely honed spirit for it provides an ever-dazzling amount of color. Layer upon layer enters into the fray. Despite all of the busyness of the piece itself the vocals have a crystal clarity. Vocals truly tie the thing together with lyricism that has a poetry to it. Word choice matters and he emphasizes each one with such care.

A hushed reverence starts things off. Small yet significant gestures enter into the equation. The piano and guitar interplay feels outright inspired. With a traditional baroque quality the song has a grandeur about it. Upon his voice entering into the equation however that is when things truly get started. Every little element gets magnified with each reiteration of the theme. Melodically rich it has an infectious catchy spirit to it. Indeed, it is hard not to get swept up into the inherently romantic quality of the work. Buildup of the song has a symphonic cadence to it making sure that the piece flows through with a peaceful quality. For the final stretch of the entire work it seemingly fades out, with a pastoral bliss left behind as the rest of the song seemingly wafts back down to Earth.

“Notre Jardin Secret” reveals in the exquisite baroque arrangement and sheer power of Christophe Lorient’s vocals.



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