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A clever slice of indie pop, Trevor Phelps sings straight from the heart on “Slow Down”.

Trevor Phelps - Slow Down

A clever slice of indie pop, Trevor Phelps sings straight from the heart on “Slow Down”. Mixing pop and electronica together the song radiates joy. His vocals rest right in the center of all of it. Lyrics have a poetry to them. Word choice matters for he chooses them with care. The affectionate stance of the sound is reflected everywhere from the gentle melody that wafts on through to the easy-going nature of his delivery. By merging all of these items together he crafts a universe that is truly distinct and unique to himself.

Mere wisps of sound enter into the equation. Whispers at first the song gradually builds itself up into a whole universe. Various little elements come into focus. Over the course of the journey, he brings the listener along to follow with his heart. The mood matters much more than the speed for it has this leisurely pace that seems to accurately depict the bliss of a Sunday afternoon. Drawing from pop’s past with production that definitely has a contemporary presence to it the song works as a bridge between the two elements. Swirling about with a laid-back element he makes sure that there is a grace to the thing. Lots of attention to detail ensures that the song has a captivating aspect to it bringing the listener into his own little universe.

Tender and compassionate “Slow Down” has Trevor Phelps bare his very soul for the listener in a way that has a true spirit of majesty about it.



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