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Fire and passion rest at the heart of “Change Your Ways” showing off Matt DeAngelis’s Emotion.

Matt DeAngelis - Change Your Ways

Fire and passion rest at the heart of “Change Your Ways” showing off Matt DeAngelis’s outpouring of pure raw emotion. The sound draws from the spirited direction of Ben Folds Five for there is this full band that supports the already gargantuan power of the piano. His playing really is quite a thrill for no matter how chaotic the sound gets his voice rises above the rest of the din. Done with the utmost of elegance, the mixture of chamber pop and rock feels natural. Verses too reflect upon the yearning the hope to finally break free and change oneself for the better.

The chords ring true from the first second. His piano is the first element to enter the fray but far from the last. Upon the inclusion of the rest of the band the song comes out swinging. Volume is a must for this is a sound that deserves to be felt as well as heard. Over the course of the proceedings he engages in a rather lush buildup. Full of such poignancy the word choice helps to add to the sense of reinvention, to become a better person. All of it rushes to the forefront allowing for this right degree of care to enter into the equation. He lets all of this tension release for the final stretch of the piece further adding to its inherent beauty.

“Change Your Ways” revels in the burning desire to rise above and proves Matt DeAngelis to be a true master of his craft.



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