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IDN incorporates a wide swath of dance genres into the singular scope of “Vision”.

IDN – Vision

IDN incorporates a wide swath of dance genres into the singular scope of “Vision”. From electro to house to dub with lots of other styles in between, it is an absolute party starter. Volume is a must for this is a sound that demands to be completely blasted. By keeping things on their toes, they make sure to filter a lot into the mix. This constant ebb and flow of the sound results in a living, breathing sort of sound despite its clearly electronic origins. Going for a long burn, the track duration further adds to its joy for a true house track is one that is given enough room to roam.

Ambience reigns supreme for the first few moments as the rest of the sound comes into the fray. Vocals come on in adding to the dazzling display that dominates the work. Everything within the song is carefully considered, balanced for maximum impact. By ensuring that not a moment is wasted there is a luxuriousness to be found within the whole of the journey. Various snippets skitter about helping to add to the sense of togetherness of the track. One of the hallmarks of good dance music comes from how it brings people together, and this works as the very celebration of that entire experience. Nearly drunken at times the song veers wildly off into the infinite.

“Vision” revels in the exquisite knowledge of IDN for they clearly understand the roots of dance music, resulting in something that feels highly informative as well as downright decadent.



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