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Los Angeles Artist King Ler Is Ready For The World

Straight out of Los Angeles, California comes King Ler, an incredible lyricist and entrepreneur with a positive message. He uses his voice and audience in hip hop as a way to tell stories and offer insight, such as in his recent single “No Bad Energy”. Now, with an upcoming album slated to drop soon, King Ler is ready to spread his message to the world.

While his career in music has been a flourishing one, King Ler’s life wasn’t always as triumphant as it is now. He was met with hardship at a young age, losing an arm and having to relearn how to walk at the age of 4. While still a child at the age of 12 he began freestyling, putting all this pain and expression into his music. Then, sometime around 2013, King Ler put out his first official track and the rest is history. Now nearly a decade into his journey, King Ler is still hungry as ever and ready to shock the world. His new single “No Bad Energy” pushes a message of positivity and gratefulness to all, making King Ler a quintessential voice in the Los Angeles musical community.

Check out “No Bad Energy” on Spotify and follow King Ler on Instagram to stay updated on new music.



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