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Onism E joins in the fine Texan tradition of soulful indie rock on the spirited “Survivors”.

Onism E- Survivors

Onism E joins in the fine Texan tradition of soulful indie rock on the spirited “Survivors”. Sung with such spirit the intensity of the tracks feels outright infectious. They capture the uncertainty of this moment so skillfully, from the hope and the despair that live side by side. Guitar work recalls a bit of the western twang of Spoon in terms of their limber grooves they set on through. Eline Chavez delivers every line in an almost bluesy fashion for her voice has a sense of timelessness behind it. Nor is she alone – the rest of the band brings it as well, for they have a great chemistry as they race on through and hold back in equally fine manner.

The album starts up with an almost Pixies reference on the dreamy-eyed “Stay” as Eline taps into Francis Black’s brash, beautiful style. Bass reigns supreme over the dub inflections of “Be Strong” a song of true optimism. Nimble acoustic guitars give “On The Edge” a spacious quality. A stately riff anchors the intensity of the album highlight and title track “Survivors”. Quite a trip “Reach” sprawls out into the infinite with gauzy work giving it a shoegaze quality. Glowing guitars filter into the mix on the spirited “Let You Go” for the song strips things down to the essentials in the best way possible. “My America” closes the album off on a high note with yearning for a better, fairer world.

“Survivors” features the razor-sharp insight of Onism E in crafting a universe that feels truly lived in and loved in.



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