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Remayn Set To Release Entrancing New Album

If, like me, you are constantly on the lookout for moody, deep music, then I have a treat for you. Remayn is an indie/folk singer from England who is here to satisfy your every craving for lonesome, rainy day music. His newest effort titled album ‘Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever’ is without a doubt the best example of this kind of heart wrenching emotional music that I have heard this year so far.

Each track off of this album is flawless in my eyes (or ears, if you prefer), but I will just talk about my favorite as an example. ‘Equinox’ sits at the tail end of the album and is positively breathtaking. His bright, pitch perfect falsetto, the lilting acoustic guitar, the equal parts uplifting and downtrodden melody make this track an emotional powerhouse. It is easily my favorite track on the album, which is saying a lot, because every song hits just the right chord. The whole album flows seamlessly and takes the listener on a lovely yet heartbreaking musical journey.

Do yourself a favour and get into this deserving artist as quick as possible. He deserves all the success in the world, and I am so excited to go on this beautiful musical journey with him.

'Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever' by Remayn will be released for stream & download on August 25th.

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