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UK Artist Harvey Brittain Delivers New Single “Honest”

UK artist Harvey Brittain delivers energetic single “Honest”. He sings, shouts, and belts his way through his thoughts on the emotional new record, written and produced by Harvey & American DJ Max “H4RRIS” Harris.

Starting off with a vibrant piano chord progression, “Honest” wastes no time delivering funk to those in need. It’s Harvey Brittain’s clever and intoxicating lyrics, however, that make the 3.5 minute long track a journey worth taking. On “Honest”, Harvey Brittain sets out on creating a new legacy through his depth as a musician and songwriter. The multi-instrumentalist has been taking the world as his own, performing everywhere from arenas in London to venues in the U.S., continuously studying and learning to become a better musician. These days Harvey Brittain spends his time between both the United Kingdom and the United States, creating an international buzz that can only take him to undiscovered heights.

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