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A dream pop perfection, Swivvel delivers something divine on “Parlor Trick”.

Swivvel - Parlor Trick

A dream pop perfection, Swivvel delivers something divine on “Parlor Trick”. There is a bit of a throwback quality to the whole of the track from the guitars’ jangle to the hit of the drums. Even the vocalist has a distinct 80s croon to him. Finding that sweet spot between the Cure and early My Bloody Valentine’s gentler shoegaze excursions, the way the song progresses have a tenderness to it. Best listened to at a loud volume to ensure that one experiences the intensity of their vision, the whole thing features a great force of nature behind it.

Guitar work proves to be of the essence of the track, with its neat nimble riffs woven together to create its own tapestry. Forgoing the usual, they explore darker elements, with the mournful plea of the vocals serving as a perfect vocal point. Everything within the song has a spaciousness to if, for they make sure to give the sound room to roam. Much of it features a symphonic approach to rock, for the background work has an otherworldly presence about it, ebbing and flowing as needed. Lyrics go for a mystery of sorts, not quite a story or poetry, they have their own unique take to things. Building up over the course of the performance the way that the volume grows feels earned as if the sound itself is truly alive.

“Parlor Trick” shows off Swivvel’s ability to explore a whole mood and do so in a way that feels absolutely classic with its assured confident cadence.



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