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Roni Amir goes for a truly blissful sound with “Along The Way (feat. Ethan Cronin)”.

Roni Amir - Along The Way (feat. Ethan Cronin)

Roni Amir goes for a truly blissful sound with “Along The Way (feat. Ethan Cronin)”. The keyboards and rhythm fuse together in perfect harmony. Melodies have a richness to them for they are immaculately structured. With his vocals leading the way the song radiates a degree of warmth to it. By keeping the arrangement sparse yet meaningful the attention is mainly focused on the lyricism. Over the course of the track Roni proves to be an exceptional lyricist, with nods to groups like the Mountain Goats coming through quite clearly. Much like that group, his verses have a degree of poetry to them for he balances them all in a way that feels truly inspiring.

Right from the very beginning of the song he lays the whole groove down. From this single element the whole piece comes into bloom. Production here features a sense of intimacy to it. Layer upon layer is added into the rest of the mix. Everything here has a grandeur to it. With this high-fidelity quality everything here absolutely sparkles. Word choice matters quite a bit as Roni picks his words carefully infusing each one with meaning. The evolution of the sound has a power to it, weaving its own unique universe. Coming into bloom slowly but surely the song has a bright array of colors that filter into the fray making it almost psychedelic at times.

Done with such grace and dignity, Roni Amir chooses a lovely lilting atmosphere for “Along The Way (feat. Ethan Cronin)”.



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