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A giddy fuzzed-out take of psychedelic pop works wonders with The Mood’s “Daisypicker”.

The Mood – Daisypicker

A giddy fuzzed-out take of psychedelic pop works wonders with The Mood’s “Daisypicker”. The flourishes here stun, from the jangle of the guitars to the ramshackle rhythms that underpin them. Communal to its core there is a sense of community that takes shape over the course of the piece. Lyrics have a wildness to them, for they sound so completely free. Full of a blissful attitude, the cyclical nature of the track works wonders. One of the better takes on the classic garage rock sound, they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back. Vocals have an intimacy about them, for they sing with such honesty and approachability.

Guitar introduces the song in just the right way, as they power on through the song in a laid-back way. From there the song gets truly started with the drums falling into place. By the time the band is in full swing it is hard not to be swept up into their sense of happiness. Going way further than the average 60s revivalist garage rock group, they nicely capture what rock’s true origins sounded like, as the lo-fi unpolished take puts them into a similar league as the Jacuzzi Boys and Harlem in terms of their celebration of life. Evolution of the atmosphere and textures equally stuns, for they do employ a slow yet subtle buildup. Only for the very finale, when they unleash their surprising guitar solos does the song uncover what had been below the surface before.

“Daisypicker” shows The Mood reveling in a chaotic, gleeful joy, as their optimism and light are absolutely infectious.



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