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A great deal of passion pours out of Anindya Mukherjee’s intense “Begin Again”.

Anindya Mukherjee - Begin Again

A great deal of passion pours out of Anindya Mukherjee’s intense “Begin Again”. By far the highlight of the piece comes from the insightful lyricism. Here he tells the stories of those who helped the world, touched millions of people, and quite literally made the world a better place. The giddy piano and galloping rhythm only solidify this sense of purpose, for it stops for nothing. Melodically it draws from a certain degree of 60s psychedelic pop. Dreamy ever so slightly, the hope and optimism of the message are front and center of the entire experience.

The hits of the drum alongside the piano playing makes the beginning start off with gusto. From there, things settle into place. Notes of the Merseybeat drumming style rest on the sidelines of the sound, making sure that there is a giddiness to the whole thing. His voice though is what sells it for it stops at almost nothing to cascade ever upwards. A beauty to behold within the thing, the positivity of the thing proves to be outright infectious. This, alongside the infinitely catchy hook he’s so skillfully employed, helps to make the thing a true stunner. Nor does it ever slow down, the speed with which they travel is admirable. By ensuring that all these different elements virtually bounce off the walls, Anindya makes the place inspirational in a way, encouraging all those listening to make a significant difference in the world.

The joy of “Begin Again” feels outright celebratory, with Anindya Mukherjee proving to be a deft wordsmith.



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