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A lush, plush take on pop and R&B defines “Cool” showing off Mia Delamar’s silky smooth vocals.

Mia Delamar – Cool

A lush, plush take on pop and R&B defines “Cool” showing off Mia Delamar’s silky smooth vocals. Lyrics matter for they map out an entire relationship. The arrangement buttresses up the sheer power of her performance. From the graceful bass frequencies that anchor it to the gorgeous beats that come into bloom, everything here works wonders. Quite expressive the sound grows and expands. Layer upon layer of sound gets brought into the fray in a way that feels outright majestic. By far the true centerpiece are the verses for they are crafted with care. Akin to pure poetry, they have a reflective stance to them.

Wafting on in the beginning, the chords have a delicacy to them. From this initial impulse the rest of the band snaps into action. The interplay amongst the group has a richness to it. Her voice of course retains a commanding presence over the whole experience. Everything here is given lots of room to roam. Grooves too have a heaviness about them, something that has a distinct richness to it. Melodies interact helping to give the song a slight psychedelic cadence. Energy pours out of it as well for they do work the track up into a frenzy. For the final stretch everything comes together as the song finally bursts apart at the seams resulting in something that feels joyous to behold in full.

“Cool” revels in the exquisite nature of Mia Delamar’s storytelling for she shares the innermost thoughts and feelings straight from her soul.

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