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PRATTO embraces a hyperkinetic dance pop fantasy world on the heavy-setter “Into the Night”.

PRATTO - Into the Night

PRATTO embraces a hyperkinetic dance pop fantasy world on the heavy-setter “Into the Night (feat. Jordan Grace)”. From the deep pulse of the bass to the way that the tempo is brought to the breaking point it all has a life-affirming joy to it. The multifaceted, multilayered approach works overtime to deliver this physicality. A perfection embodiment of the concept of Peace Love Unity & Respect, the song has this communal presence to it that feels doubly refreshing. Volume is a given for this is a truly physical sound.

The song wastes no time in getting started, for the way that the synthesizer washes over everything has a fantastic grace to it. Lots of attention to detail means that it has this lose yourself presence to it. Ebbing and flowing with such grace the song possesses an affirmational message to it, allowing for the lyricism to hit with a particular poignancy. Much of the work builds itself up into an absolute powerhouse ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Rich, dense melodies flutter on through as the electro elements become completely all-consuming. Beats hit with a force of nature to them propel the song forward at a breakneck pace. Treatment of the vocals additionally adds to the tender sweetness of the message, one that closes the piece off perfectly. Even the finale of the piece has its own grace, simply disappearing into the sonic ether.

Done with dignity, PRATTO offers pure fire on the righteous wave of sound that is “Into the Night (feat. Jordan Grace)”.



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