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Xander Cameron delivers a joyous new disco energy on the delirious “Whitney Houston”.

Xander Cameron - Whitney Houston

Xander Cameron delivers a joyous new disco energy on the delirious “Whitney Houston”. Besides being able to craft an infectious hook, Xander understands musical history perfectly. The styles incorporated within the sound bring together R&B, funk, pop, and jazz into something that is quite distinct. Deftly sidestepping trends for something much more timeless, there is a classic sensibility that frames the work. Nods to groups like Prince, Neon Indian, the Weeknd, and more adorn much of the experience. By far the silky-smooth vocals rest in the very core of the entire piece making sure nothing is held back. Lyrics have a yearning to them for they roll through with a casual laid-back presence.

The way the track comes into focus helps to add to its allure. From there it glistens, shimmers, and shines. His voice imbues the song with life. So much instrumental variety exists within the sound itself – for examples the saxophone work proves to be absolutely exquisitely crafted. By ensuring that the many layers intermingle there is a kaleidoscopic effect. Rushing through the sound the bouncing groove adds to the playfulness of the piece. Full of great power he lets the sound constantly evolve. Quite limber to behold the song defies expectations, twisting and turning in fantastic ways. Everything about it has a buildup to it. Beats help to anchor the song, adding to its undeniable funky spirit that feels wonderful, as it comes to a close in a clever way.

“Whitney Houston” goes for a powerful stance, showing off Xander Cameron’s undeniably powerful chops.



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