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A serenity defines Spence Paull’s lush “Christmas Eve”.

Spence Paull - Christmas Eve

A serenity defines Spence Paull’s lush “Christmas Eve”. The delicacy of the sound gives it a profound stance. By far the highlight of the entire experience is her exquisite voice that maintains a reassuring calm. Pastoral to its very core there is a natural beauty to it. Quite fragile the way that they combine each element feels gorgeous. Layer upon layer enters into the fray yet there is a gentleness to the way that she lets it all evolve. Full of so much power to it she makes every word count. Done with dignity she captures the holiday spirit in a way that feels highly original.

The glowing beginning that a luxury to it. Every minute detail gets amplified. Little chords have their magic to them. She glides through the song with such tenderness. Vocals here have a heart and soul to them. Proving to be an exceptional storyteller she lets the piece rolls through at its own pace. Without needing to bring any percussion into it a groove of sorts takes the lead. Buildup of the work neatly dovetails with the sleepy spirit of the season. Rather carefully she lets the structure grow to become as warm as a blanket. Wrapping around the entirety of the track she features a cinematic aspect. For the final stretch there is a stream of consciousness tact to it for it seemingly soars up into the very sky.

“Christmas Eve” shows off Spence Paull’s uncanny ability to craft an entire aural universe one which consumes the listener whole.



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