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Alice June brings the listener on an epic journey with “City Vibes”.

Alice June - City Vibes

Alice June brings the listener on an epic journey with “City Vibes”. She starts things off with a subdued folk musing before it unfurls into a whole slew of other genres. The expansiveness of the work feels completely heartening. Her voice rings true over the course of the entire trip. Word choice matters for she pays close attention to each verse. By keeping things lively both lyrically and musically, the song does appear to embrace an evolution of sorts for many different elements seemingly come together in a way that feels quite profound. Drums, bass, really everything works in service of her impressively powerful voice.

The whisper that introduces the sound is rather lovely. From this initial spark she lets the song pan out. As the piece starts to progress, she allows an ever-growing number of instrumental flourishes to take hold. Rhythms keep a steady consistent groove, one that also she elaborates upon. With all these different moments merging into the main mix the song gains a classical stance. Indeed, by the final stretch of it all the work soars up into the sky in a way that feels ever so life-affirming. She makes sure that no matter how chaotic the rest of the atmosphere ultimately becomes her voice rests in the very center of it all.

“City Vibes” illustrates the growth that comes with living in an urban area, the way that initial loneliness gives way to a sense of community, revealing Alice June to be a deft storyteller.



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