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“Batshit Crazy” does a perfect job capturing the chaos of what it means to try and grow and evolve.

saferinthecity - Batshit Crazy

“Batshit Crazy” does a perfect job capturing the chaos of what it means to try and grow and evolve, with all the twists and turns that involves, proving saferinthecity to be true storytellers to this very moment. Lyrics of course serve as the mighty beating heart of the whole piece. Verses reflect upon how difficult it can be to move ahead when there are so many things holding people back. The arrangement has a light, bright, and airy quality to it. Stylistically versed in pop, there are pieces of EDM, electro, hip-hop, and more that enter into the fray ensuring that the piece remains stubbornly impossible to pigeonhole.

His voice introduces the piece in a sense. Full of a youthful vigor, he recalls the tale of what being alive in this very time means, especially in a world where it feels that there is nothing that is a straight line. Rather things zig and zag, foiling even the best laid-out goals. Playful to its very core the lyrics employ such a wonderful spirit about them, for they race through with so many punchlines that it can become impossible to fully catch them all. Little neon-hued melodies seem to linger about, adding to the cyclical, even meditative nature of the piece itself. Right in the background are tiny details that grow in scope, never overwhelming but helping to further influence this spirit of togetherness that the track celebrates.

saferinthecity feature an updated, futuristic pop that feels truly free on “Batshit Crazy”.



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