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Deanmoore's "Three Steps" explores an entire universe with such deft skill.

Deanmoore - Three Steps

A deeply felt journey, Deanmoore proves to be an exceptional storyteller on the lush indie pop symphony of “Three Steps”. He goes for a true sense of timelessness effortlessly sidestepping any trendiness for an approach that feels a whole lot more classic in cadence. Instruments abound throughout and the packed nature of the work has a beauty to it. From the glistening piano work to the steady regal pace of the rhythm it all comes together in a serene sense of purpose. The many layers intermingle to develop into blissful sort of flourishes, the kinds of things that simply waft up into the air in a lovely way.

Grand piano works alongside the driving rhythm as there is a dreaminess to the open. Usage of sounds played backwards adds to the emotional resonance of the message. Vocals have a heartfelt tenderness to them for they have a determined yet patient persistence about them. Lyrics have a poetry to them for they possess a yearning to them. Drums have a martial quality as they underpin it all, with an emotional quality. Sprawling out into the infinite the song has a cyclical quality with every single piece fitting into place in a truly inspirational way. Energy grows and grows, with the buildup to the finale giving the whole of the track a dense, joyous quality one that allows for a great deal of energy to burst at the seams.

“Three Steps” is delivered with such purpose, for Deanmoore explores an entire universe with such deft skill.