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Distopia offers a chilled-out summer jam on the joyous celebration of “Good Day (feat. Haley Flake)”

Distopia - Good Day (feat. Haley Flake)

Distopia offers a chilled-out summer jam on the joyous celebration of “Good Day (feat. Haley Flake)”. With more than a nod to a sort of jazz pop, the whole of the thing has a tremendously bright series of colors. Volume is a given for they play loud with a true party atmosphere. Akin to being surrounded by friends and family, everything about the work simply stuns. Carefully laid on out there is a brilliant burst to the whole of the equation. From the hit of the drums to the infinite infectiousness of the beat it all works wonders. References abound to early Mac DeMarco’s happy output with just that right glimmer of fuzz about it.

The laid-back presence of the very open is allowed to bring a bit of tension into the proceedings. When it gets started though it has a great relief to it, one that unfurls with a majestic hue. Sung with so much passion, there is a playfulness to the verses. Every word chosen with care the compassionate stance of the track feels quite soothing as it washes over everything in its path. Intermingling in a way that makes the sound truly alive all of it comes together to create a gorgeous stream of sound. Quite easy to get lost in though never overwhelming, this is one of those tracks that feels pitch perfect for the sunniest season of the year.

“Good Day (feat. Haley Flake)” shows off Distopia’s deft skill in crafting a universe that has such a warm, inviting presence.



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