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Fake-Bit Rebel goes for broke on the impossibly fast “Runaways (feat. Damn The Architect)”.

Fake-Bit Rebel - Runaways (feat. Damn The Architect)

Punk meets chiptune, Fake-Bit Rebel goes for broke on the impossibly fast “Runaways (feat. Damn The Architect)”. The grooves here are taut ensuring that every single part of the sound goes for the driving propulsive rhythm. It has a life-affirming energy to it as everything pours out of it. Within the kaleidoscopic array of explosive color it is easy to see what a gorgeous marriage of the two styles it is, have a youthful urge to rise above it all in a rebellious stance. Layers dart about further adding to its sense of unbridled joy.

Barely a second goes by and the song simply rushes the listener making sure that they completely them at bay. Tearing across the sky the vocals perfectly synch up with the true delirium of the track. Quite an oversaturated sound the many different sonic spectrum mean they cover every part, from the low bass to the high pitched shrill riffs. Within it all they dive headfirst into this colossal caring mash-up of styles, allowing for everything to have a carefully laid out presence to it. The electronic alongside the heaviness of the guitars become one. A virtual wall of sound rushes up, rising above to completely crash over the listener. They allow the song to become undone, as the piece begins to fray towards the end finally resolving to end in a pure mangled mess of 8-bit and punk riffs.

Fake-Bit Rebel explores a truly demented series of twists and turns on the chaotic free-for-all of “Runaways (feat. Damn The Architect)”.



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