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Multiple suites rolled into one, Dave Belding brings the listener on a truly expansive trip.

Dave Belding - Little Dancer

Multiple suites rolled into one, Dave Belding brings the listener on a truly expansive trip with “Little Dancer”. A fine selection of genres filters into the fray. Shoegaze, ambient, dream pop, and more weave themselves together into this intricate colorful whole. Heavy dark vibes radiate for there is an inherent epic scope to the way that so much blends into this swirling atmosphere. Churning rhythms further increase the tension of the piece. Instrumental variation pops in and out of the mix making sure to fully disorient the listener. By far the anchor of the work comes from his impassioned vocals.

Keys echo on into the expanse for the first few moments of the work. From there the rest of it comes into the fray. Everything here grows slowly and steadily, with each reiteration of the theme adding to its drama. Nods to the 80s darkwave movement certainly play an essential role here. Over the course of the journey he brings flourishes of Joy Division’s pitch blackened tones. Going into even stranger terrain the unusual guitar tunings bring to mind the tortured salvos of late 80s Sonic Youth, at their true heyday. While it does take some time to get the spirit in focus it is well-worth it. As he goes deeper and deeper into the very core of the message. Verses have an otherworldly dimension for they float on through with a true sense of purpose.

“Little Dancer” revels in the sheer gigantic soundscapes that Dave Belding conjures up with ease.


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