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Edgar Allan Poets offer up a noir take on hard rock.

Edgar Allan Poets - White Noise

Edgar Allan Poets offer up a noir take on hard rock with the power wave of sound that is “White Noise”. The way they structure the track at times has a psychedelic sheen to it. With elements that take from some of Jean-Claude Vannier’s symphonic splendour, particularly his collaboration with Mike Patton, the song has an all-engrossing spirit behind it. A true force of nature, the riffs have a Teutonic heft to them for there are so heavy. Rhythms take their time for the power of the work comes from its languid yet physical presence. Volume isn’t even a must it is a given for they ensure that the whole track crushes everything in its path. Done with such grace, they tap a little into a gorgeous beauty of grunge’s best moments.

Classical flourishes introduce the piece, helping to set the atmosphere for what follows. They let the tension build up for a bit ensuring that when that wave of sound hits everyone is ready for its unwieldly intensity. Upon finally bursting onto the scene the whole of the piece has a righteous to it. Lyrics have a strange beauty to them as if transmitted from a half-forgotten dream. Done with such thoughtfulness they hold nothing back, as the evolution of the groove becomes all-consuming, until the finale where they let it all loose in a way that is almost animalistic to behold.

“White Noise” features up an impeccable, immaculate sound one that proves Edgar Allan Poets to have considerable, unwieldly chops.



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