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Fintan McKahey’s latest single reflects on the overwhelming nature of modern life

The latest release from Cork-based singer-songwriter and producer Fintan McKahey, “Lost Balloons” is a low key indie pop track which reflects on the overwhelming nature of modern life, and the pressures which come with it.

The track itself is as short as it is chilled and mellow, barely coming in at two minutes in length. However, the short length works to its advantage, with “Lost Balloons'' feeling like a brief moment of respite amongst the sheer relentlessness of day-to-day life, inspired by the events of the last eighteen months, and how life is not always in one’s control.

Built upon interweaving guitars (both electric and acoustic), and Fintan’s deep yet soothing vocals, “Lost Balloons” has a meditative stillness throughout its short runtime.

Speaking about the track, Fintan called “Lost Balloons”:

‘ ode to the slow life, a gentle reminder to take a breath and let life unfold at its own pace. Letting go can be the most liberating feeling there is.’

While the studio version can feel a little too clean and polished (to my ears at least), the live acoustic version released on Fintan’s YouTube channel last Sunday (August 29) feels like a much more intimate and personal rendition of the song, and is worth checking out

Active since 2016, has released several singles, including “Goodbye” and “Platinum” (both 2020) and the extended play God Games (2019), achieving national radio play and positive reviews.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Fintan worked on building Ivy Hill Studios, where “Lost Balloons” was recorded, and had some success with ticketed live streams. He was also named as a Hot Press Magazine “Hot for 2021” artist.



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