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Hounds Haul goes for a mantra-like cadence on the soothing soul of “Silver Shoal”.

Hounds Haul - Silver Shoal

Hounds Haul goes for a mantra-like cadence on the soothing soul of “Silver Shoal”. They power through the duration of the track with a wide-eyed focus. A neat mixture of electro, dance rock, and pop they make sure to tie these many different elements together in a way that feels truly splendid. Vocals swim overhead with lyrics that flow through flawlessly. Catchy to its very core the song works well in terms of infectious riffs as well as graceful, driving grooves. Electronics and rock have rarely been so elegantly put together.

A slow and steady build up brings the song up to its eventual output of energy. The mad dash through feels somewhat fantastic to fully take on for there is a sense of optimism that pushes it all ahead. By making sure that the voices are front and center the whole of the track revolves around their positive energy. Using the entirety of the band to create this choral approach further adds to the communal quality as if they are all in it together. Rather skillfully they hark back to early 2000s indie rock, for they pour a great amount of emotion into every nook and cranny of the piece. Over the course of the work, the many layers intermingle to create something that gets woven together into a vast tapestry one that radiates pure vibrant color.

“Silver Shoal” proves Hounds Haul to absolutely stun with their uncanny ability to bring so much together whilst forging their own unique identity.

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