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Jaia Lyne transports the listener to a whole other world with “Mad At Myself”

Jaia Lyne - Mad At Myself

A glamorous take on dream pop, Jaia Lyne transports the listener to a whole other world with “Mad At Myself”. Stylistically she brings it all together from pop bombastic to EDM to industrial to electro, it merges to become something truly cohesive. Volume matters and is a given. Her voice takes front and center stage for hers is a passionate performance. Mixing a whole slew of different approaches, the taut groove brings to mind elements of Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, and similarly minded R&B singers who let the sound evolve. Hers is a future-forward atmosphere one that completely engrosses the listener into a vast swirling world.

Right from the beginning the rolling bass feels fantastic. A great deal of color soaks the whole of the experience. The funky vibe never lets go for there is a bit of a stop-go bit of action. No matter what, her presence is felt. Lyrics here have a poetry to them, full of introspection, love, and consideration for others. By never stripping the sound away, the song morphs in unexpected ways. Every little element comes to matter, glistening in the sunshine. Over the course of the piece the number of hooks she brings into the mix feels amazing. Lots of twists and turns help to keep the sound fresh, leaving the listener constantly guessing as to where the sound could go next. For the finale it all seemingly merges together into this cohesive, reflective moment.

“Mad At Myself” features an exquisite, well-crafted sound one that revels in Jaia Lyne’s strong, commanding vocals.



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